TurboTax 2020: Best software for Tax Preparation

Filing taxes with TurboTax 2020 is a straightforward process. It is developed for first-timers and it uses step-by-step and plain-English questions to identify the right tax forms for each individual.

The software even makes recommendations for filing status, credits, and deductions, among others. The software also checks the returns for errors and makes recommendations on how to correct them.

TurboTax 2020 advisors are also available if you need expert advice.
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TurboTax 2020 How Long To Get Refund 2020

TurboTax 2020 refunds require up to 21 days. Once you transmit the tax return, TurboTax 2020 sends it to the government. It can take up to 48 hours for the IRS to accept the request as they check personal information to ensure record matching. The quickest way is to choose the refund via direct deposit. If you need an update on the e-filed tax return, you may contact TurboTax 2020 via phone.

Can TurboTax 2020 Do Back Taxes?

TurboTax 2020 can help you do your back tax returns with only a few steps. You need the W-2s or the 1099 forms received during those years to report your income. In case of credits and deductions, it is recommended to gather any supporting evidence to be able to claim them.

If there is any document missing from the past decade, TurboTax 2020 can help you request a copy from the IRS by filing the form 4506-T. Then, download the previous IRS tax forms that can be easily accessed using TurboTax 2020 and prepare the back tax returns according to their prompts.

TurboTax 2020 – Why Is My Refund Lower?

The refund might be lower if you use the Refund Processing Service to cover the TurboTax 2020 online fees. Alternatively, this might have been reduced by the government to correct errors or using a refund offset. Fortunately, there is an IRS Where’s My Refund tool that helps you quickly identify whether the refund has been offset.
TurboTax 2020 How To File Extension

TurboTax 2020 offers access to form 4868 which allows you to file an extension. Complete it with personal information and mail the form to the suitable IRS address as per instructions. It is vital to mail the form by the initial due date of the tax return. TurboTax 2020 offers EasyExtension, an online tool that helps you file the extension in a few minutes.
How much is TurboTax 2020 Online?

TurboTax 2020 Intuit comes with a straightforward interface similar to a chat that also explains different concepts as you work on your taxes. You can easily import 1099s and multiple W-2s.

Is TurboTax 2020 free? The packages available are:

Free plan which allows 1040 and state returns 
Live Basic starting at $50 with on-demand video access to human assistance
TurboTax 2020 Deluxe starting at $50 provides tax deductions, Schedule C for income
Premier starts at $50 and allows for the above features with the possibility to report investments and rental income
Self-employed starts at $50 and adds support for home office deductions, special expense-tracking features, and also comes with QuickBooks Self-Employed for one year

The last three plans include ItsDeductible, a mobile app, and a feature that allows you to find deducted values for donations of objects, such as clothes and household items. The software is available across all devices.
What TurboTax 2020 Should I Use?

There is a TurboTax 2020 product for each individual. If you are unsure which one is the right option, there is a short 2-step questionnaire to help you identify the right one. Additionally, their customer service team can offer you expert advice.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which TurboTax 2020 For Rental Property?

For many needs, the Deluxe version is the best choice, including for rental property.
Where Are TurboTax 2020 Files Stored?

TurboTax 2020 stores all the tax files in the “My Documents”, and then “TurboTax 2020” folders. This option is by default.
TurboTax 2020 Where To Enter Estimated Tax Payments?

TurboTax 2020 is the ultimate tax filing solution for independent contractors, freelancers, and business owners. It is one of the most user-focused services that guides users through each step.

The TurboTax 2020 calculator is 100% accurate, and they double-check each tax return before filing.

They offer a maximum refund guarantee due to the access to more than 350 tax deductions, and each detail is reviewed carefully to guarantee error-free filing.
How does TurboTax 2020 work?

The software is similar to an interview. Users are guided through easy-to-answer questions that may affect the tax situation, such as marital status and kids.

The answers allow TurboTax 2020 to identify the right credits and deductions, and what questions should come next.
TurboTax 2020 How To File 2020 Taxes

If you made any estimated tax payments, you can enter them in the section entitled “Estimated and Other Income Taxes Paid”. Firstly, open the return and look up the terms “Estimated Tax Payments” and click on “jump to”. Then, select the type of estimated tax payments you would like to add, and press on “Start”. Type in the amount of estimated tax according to each quarterly due date.
Which TurboTax 2020 For LLC?

For a single-member LLC which is treated as a sole proprietorship, TurboTax 2020 Home & Business offers all the necessary tools to help you file your taxes. If the LLC has multiple members, TurboTax 2020 Business is recommended.
TurboTax 2020 Where To Enter 1095-C?

It is not required to file the form 1095-C with the IRS. As a result, TurboTax 2020 does not have it as a dedicated field. The 1090-C must be retained for personal records. Only the 1095-A form is required in the Health Insurance section. This is the only 1095 form needed by the IRS.
Which TurboTax 2020 Do I Need For K1?

Turbo Tax Self-Employed and TurboTax 2020 Online Premier support the K-1s.


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